Italian Heritage, Modern Lifestyles

Casa Casa Italia atelier is honored to offer the unparalleled craftsmanship of Cafedesart by Bianchini furnishings, as well as our own Casa Casa Italia night furniture systems, exclusively imported from Florence to provide the pinnacle of wardrobe closeting and dressing space.

In Verona, Bianchini craftsmen have been creating luxurious case goods by hand for half a century, bringing forth prestige furniture of stunning classical beauty.

The family-owned company's newest line, Cafedesart, melds this tradition of exacting quality with contemporary style, resulting in furnishings that speak to the modern lifestyle aesthetic without sacrificing luxury.

Full-Service Atelier

Whether your project involves furnishing an entire property or focusing on a truly bespoke closeting system for your wardrobe or other luxury storage concepts, Casa Casa Italia provides a complete suite of customized services, from design to installation.


We invite you to connect with us and discover how Casa Casa Italia blends bespoke design with heritage European craftsmanship to elevate your residence or commercial space.